Why Are Jehovah’s Witnesses Loyal to Watchtower?

This comment I just posted on Watchtower Examination explains why.

Winston you had the Truth book ( a book designed by WT to convert students). But did you ever read the whole book? The Truth book was designed to convince those who study it with a Witness that every other religious group teaches falsehood, and therefore does not have God’s approval. If the book, and the Witness conducting a study are successful in doing that, then there is only one rational course to take for the student. That course, also the second objective of the book, is to follow God’s one true organization (WT).

When Witnesses use the words ‘the Truth’, they are not describing the noun as it is generally understood. For a Witness ‘the Truth’ means the same as the word Christianity meant in the first century. Or the same as Christianity means to members in other denominations today. JWs call it ‘the Truth’ because they are distinguishing their denomination from all other denominations they consider apostate. The word has nothing to do with whether WT always makes correct statements. The fact WT does not always make correct statements is inconsequential to JWs, because nobody does that on earth today. No business, no religion, no government, no news agency. So the fact WT is wrong at times does not effect JWs.

JWs don’t follow WT because they believe it always speaks ‘the truth’ meaning their statements are always factual. JWs follow WT because they believe statements it makes erroneously are not erroneous by design, telling lies while knowing it’s lying. And like the paragraph above already stated JWs are convinced every other religious group is interpreting scripture so incorrectly that they are instead agents of Satan, used to lead people away from God.

Let’s examine that last sentence. Because Paul did write Satan appears as an agent of light and has his own apostles to lead people away from God. Since we know that’s true, let’s look at WT as if it might be a part of that. You said EX-JW Critical Thinkers JT and Lady Cee are two of the best critical thinkers in the ex-JW community. Are they still Christians? JT certainly knows the Bible well enough, having been an elder, to make the logical choice to follow Christ. So did he? Or did he and his wife leave Christ? If they left then it’s mainly their own fault. But the effect WT had on them is probably a contributing factor for pulling away from God.

Teaching people religious groups have the ability to lead people away from God is what the Truth Book, and other JW study material, is designed to accomplish in students, and to reinforce in JWs. And so WT teaches every other religious group contributes to that, but it does not. That’s what makes JWs follow WT. They are taught there is nowhere else to go except Satan’s world. WT’s hold on them has nothing to do with how many errors it makes. We all make errors. And we all sin. That’s why when you bring up errors WT makes to an active JW they usually will not talk about it. Because everyone makes errors. And JWs are convinced WT, with its errors, is a safer place than the World, even when “the World” shares facts.

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