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I started this website after commenting on two other websites that post articles about scriptures and Christianity ( and I found those sites to be deficient in teaching scripture, since they are prohibiting commenters from sharing ideas that disagree with some beliefs held by site administrators. Thus those websites have developed their own church groups, containing followers with similar beliefs, while not allowing those beliefs to be sufficiently challenged. Why Not? If what they teach is true and backed by God surely God would uphold his truths in the minds of his chosen Christians there.

Unfortunately many Christians accept wrong beliefs expressed by agencies who gain a following, as long as some of their teaching is reasonably convincing to them. Most people want to be part of a large group. But is that what Christ said we must do to follow HIM? Part of the audience on the sites I used to comment on might remain silent, not sharing their true beliefs, fearing to speak out to challenge incorrect views, while letting fear of man control their actions.

This site will not delete scriptural comments of yours that disagree with me or any commenter. Nor will I attempt to discourage you from sharing dissenting beliefs. As long as you do not insult commenters you are welcome to freely share your beliefs. Comments that do insult commenters, other individuals and groups, or any religion will be deleted. It is possible to disagree, even claim others teach false biblical apostasy, without attributing a bad motive and dishonest character to the individual or group. Maybe on this site we can rise above that.

This is not a site to have lengthy discussions on atheism. However, if you believe you can factually prove God nonexistent you are welcome to share those thoughts. But I have never heard from an atheist that came close to proving there is no God, not after engaging in lengthy debates with several atheists who attempted to do so, not after reading several books on the subject and writing a college term paper on the subject of atheism. I believe it is impossible to prove God nonexistent. So unless you can concisely make that point with facts to back your claim please do not engage in lengthy discussions on atheism. Please keep your conversations about that topic short.

Testimonials provided by Christians today and in historical records include eyewitness evidence to the existence of godly miracles, including personal contacts by God. Your personal testimonial is welcome here. Through such testimonials evidence that God exists is present today. While atheists can provide nothing but conjecture to support their belief. They attempt to point to science. Yet science can only explain what God has created; it can never disprove the existence of a god. So atheists only have their belief about God that was formulated by two things, persuasions by others that are in their same position, and their own thoughts, desires, and fears.

This is a Christian website. It is a site YOU can use to teach others the wonderful truths in the Bible, or you might learn something new from God’s word. Please keep the ideas you share on the topic of the individual article you post under. Or at least share thoughts related to article topics. If you wish to engage in a discussion outside the scope of these articles please list your topic as a suggestion for future discussion. That way we’ll make it easier for future readers to find information they might be searching for. If you suggest a topic that I have no definitive opinion about I might post a link to another website, instead of offering an article here. Or I might invite you to share your idea in a lengthy comment, and make your comment the featured article.