I Watched an Interesting Video Today

Winston, the person that made it, got hold of a video Watchtower prepared for one of its assemblies. Winston showed two versions of a portion of that video; how it was originally taped, and how part was edited out afterwards. The point Winston made was that Watchtower edited out a scriptural statement by Christ that contradicts Watchtower theology.

You see Watchtower teaches that the wicked will not receive any type of resurrection. And it teaches that the people Christ said will be resurrected to judgment will receive their chance to live forever, on earth, if they become obedient to God after their resurrection. To be clear Watchtower teaches the judgment these receive is solely based on how they respond to God after they are resurrected, instead of how they responded before they died, as most Christians believe. And again Watchtower teaches grossly wicked people will not receive any type of resurrection at all.

Let’s look at the scripture, and then consider why Watchtower edited it out of a video it already shot for an assembly. This is what was edited out of Watchtower’s video:

John 5:28 Do not be amazed at this, for the hour is coming when all who are in their graves will hear His voice 29and come out— those who have done good to the resurrection of life, and those who have done evil to the resurrection of judgment. 

In the original version of Watchtower’s video that statement was read and elaborated on. However, the New World Translation version was used. The point that all dead people will be resurrected was brought out by the speaker. And isn’t that exactly what Christ said? Yes it is. However, that is not what Watchtower teaches. And so Watchtower edited its original version, removing Christ’s words and the speaker’s statement that all in the [memorial] tombs will receive a resurrection. Those who practiced vile things will be in the same position before God as those who practiced righteous things (according to Watchtower).

Watchtower also Added a Word to Its Bible to Support Its Belief

Watchtower also edited its Bible, by placing the word “memorial” before tombs, at John 5:28. That word should not be there. Check an interlinear; the Greek at John 5:28 just used the single word tombs. By adding “memorial” (tombs) Watchtower is implying that scripture only speaks about dead people God remembers for the purpose of resurrection, but not all dead people.

Another manipulating of the cones by Watchtower. Because Christ did not say only dead people in memorial tombs will be resurrected. Christ said ALL dead in the tombs will be resurrected.

Once Watchtower developed its theology it altered certain Bible texts to fit what it teaches. It conformed some New World Translation texts to fit Watchtower theology, instead of accurate Greek language. In this instance, like in others, it’s apparent this is deliberate. And yet Watchtower teaches it translated the most accurate version of the Bible our modern world has ever seen.

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