A Pot Calling the Kettle Black

Please read a correction at bottom of this article.

Borean Pickets YouTube, and, are two websites run by Eric Wilson. There Eric teaches his interpretation of Bible topics. He also teaches against Watchtower’s interpretation of Bible scriptures.

While doing that Eric was tracked down by Jehovah’s Witness elders and disfellowshipped. He was disfellowshipped for no longer believing Watchtower teachings. Jehovah’s Witnesses disfellowship their members to “keep their flock clean”, away from contaminating practices and beliefs held by members who stray away from their beliefs and mandated practices. Once disfellowshipped no other Jehovah’s Witness is allowed to speak to them, except family members who live in their same household. Therefore, the disfellowshipping policy of Watchtower silences disfellowshipped members. Eric argues against Watchtower’s silencing policy. Yet he practices that on his websites.

An Example:

I was carrying on a conversation with a visitor to Eric’s Beroean Pickets YouTube channel. His guest wanted to know my biblical views, which I freely shared. That conversation was then erased by Eric’s assistant, who sent me this message:

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Beroean Pickets
2 hours ago
I am Vintage, Brother Wilson’s assistant.
I saw in one of your posts this statement:
“But Jesus being God, he is in a completely different position from any human receiving a spiritual body.”
Jesus isn’t God. I am deleting your conversation with Jeff Horn.


It appears that brother Vintage took it upon himself to censor me and not Eric. I just became aware of this after a reply from another guest was attached to my comments. Below I list that reply and my response to his other guest. Even though my censoring was cancelled this time, it is likely Eric’s channels censor comments that bring out beliefs that contradict their primary teaching.

You see years back I commented regularly on While doing so I was told several times not to discuss certain topics with other guests in his comments sections. And while my comments were always respectful, there were two of his regular followers that were quite nasty in their rebuttals to my beliefs.

Yet I received a personal message, delivered to my email, from Eric, stating I must change my tone, or he (Eric) would cancel me from his channel. My response to him (Eric) was that my tone was not his objection, but my ideas were. Therefore, despite Eric over-riding his assistant’s decision regarding the comment I cite in this article, Eric is likely in favor or censoring beliefs that disagree with his primary teachings.

And really, isn’t that a “Pot calling the Kettle Black”? The Pot in this case resembling Eric and both Beroean Pickets channels, and the Kettle resembling the Watchtower society. Because even Watchtower does not censor all dissenting religious beliefs of its members. Watchtower only censors beliefs it feels are contradicting Watchtower’s primary teachings. Apparently Beroean Pickets, and Eric, still do the same, at the time of this posting.

Romana Ježková

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Romana Ježková

1 day agoJesus is God, not the Almighty, but is.

REPLYMessenger @Romana Ježková  I was informed by Eric’s assistant that my conversation with Mr. Horn was deleted, by him. And so I wrote a piece about that on my blog:

A Pot Calling the Kettle Black

However, I now see the need to amend my blog as it appears that brother Vintage did not have authority from Eric to do that. Which is a good thing since Eric preaches against such censorship.

The Bible calls Christ God in several scriptures, that’s true. And so he will be to people who have everlasting life. It is impossible to prove he is not almighty, because scriptures state he is the EXACT representation of the Father. If you believe he is not almighty you don’t accept those Bible scriptures. Also, I believe it is impossible to prove the name Jehovah only represents one individual. How about this, the United States is one nation. Is that one person? Of course not. So the Bible stating there is one Jehovah or one god might mean the same thing. It could but it might not. Yet it’s good to see Eric is not censoring persons with either belief.