Does God Use Only One Organization on Earth Today?

God often used more than one channel of communication at the same time. Most prophets didn’t work with others to spread messages from God. Most of them worked independently.

Prophets were used while the priesthood also communicated his will. And at the same time the Jewish priesthood and prophets were used, Jewish kings existed. God used some of those kings to spread messages to his people.

Even before there were Jewish kings God raised up leaders, known today as judges, to lead his people. Judges communicated God’s will to his people. The time period of judges also overlapped with the Jewish priesthood.

God even occasionally used people who were not Israelites or even proselytes to communicate messages, as in the case of king Nebuchadnezzar. Once Nebuchadnezzar regained sanity he recognized God for who he is. And Nebuchadnezzar’s statement is recorded in the Bible. Though there is no evidence Nebuchadnezzar became a proselyte.

Must God Use Only One Organization Today?

So why did God use these prophets and kings to communicate messages, after establishing the priesthood to facilitate communications with his people? It’s because God uses whoever and whatever he pleases to accomplish whatever he wants. God is not limited by a human’s belief that he must act a certain way, as Watchtower asserts. Watchtower is emphatically stating God always used one organization of people, and so he must continue to do so. But God does whatever he wants. Had he used one organization, that would not make him do the same thing today.

But in fairness to Watchtower, let’s examine its argument more fully. Watchtower bases its argument on Christians being told to get out of Babylon the Great as the end approaches. And Watchtower teaches Babylon the Great is false religion. So let’s give them that. Do those facts prove God is using only one organization today? What about those ideas would prove that? Nothing.

First, in light of what Christ said in the latter half of Matthew chapter 24 and Luke 21:8 Christians will not know when the end is approaching. Second, telling Christians to get out of false religion does not prove all God’s communications today come filtered through one organization. Those facts just don’t prove that. Plus God didn’t work that way in the past. Even though false religions existed in the past.

So, getting back to Watchtower’s argument that Jehovah only used one organization to communicate in the past, therefore he must do that today. Well, that idea is proven incorrect. But does that mean he cannot filter all his communications through one organization today? No. He can do whatever he wants. But it does mean God is unlikely to do that. Making that even more unlikely is the fact God’s written message spread throughout the world. When God communicated in Old Testament days it hadn’t. Since God used multiple channels of communication while his messages were limited to a small geographic area, why wouldn’t he use multiple channels now that those messages are global?

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