Should You Be Concerned about JW Salvation for Teaching Christ Is not God?

My answer to Terri on Watchtower Examination YouTube:

Hi Terri. There’s ignorance about what scriptures say and a lack of applying Christ’s words coming from members in every denomination, not just from Jehovah’s Witnesses. Jehovah’s Witnesses do teach to turn to Christ for salvation. And if I’m correct, that’s one of the things you or someone else claimed JWs don’t teach. But they do teach it all the time. It’s one of their main teachings.

According to scripture eventually everyone will honor Christ as his/her personal God. We know that based on scriptures. Even though Witnesses don’t call Christ their God, they really treat him as their God. That’s according to a statement Christ told Satan, to “worship your god and serve him only”. They serve Christ as God just as they serve the Father, despite the verbal designation they attach to him claiming he is God’s Son. Does verbally saying he is not God because he follows the Father keep them from heaven? I don’t know that answer. But I do know it won’t send them to what you view as hell.

Most Christians are more deficient in applying scriptures than JWs are. You don’t see it, because you haven’t confronted thousands of Christians one on one to see what they believe and don’t do. I say that after seeing what Christians did, experiencing it while making thousands of cold calls on people who claim Christianity. Most of them didn’t want to talk about Christ or the Bible. Even though the invitation to do so was right in front of them. Most of them didn’t even want to hear a scripture read to them. How many are like that? The number is in the high 90 percentile.

Bible passages reveal God judges people more by their actions than their professions. If a person claims Christianity, but refuses to discuss his faith, even when invited to privately do so, then what are they really? If they don’t want to even hear a scripture read to them, while they don’t have to say anything at all, then what are they? It’s not for me to judge what happens to them, it’s Christ’s position to judge that. But they’ve proven not to be a zealous Christian, if a real Christian at all. And that’s the behavior of most Christians.

Maybe that’s why the saying just believe in Christ and go to heaven is so popular in Christianity, even though it’s not true. The Devil believes, but he isn’t going to heaven.

Not all saved people go [to] heaven. The JWs are correct about that. And maybe that’s what happens to most or all of the saved JWs, just as they believe, they might remain on earth. But I also know it will happen to a lot of other Christians, maybe most of them. Christ takes people to heaven for one reason, to rule over others-Revelation 5:10. And everyone that’s saved does not do that, which is a flaw in teachings I hear from other denominations.

So applying your reasoning, which I don’t, I would have to believe that all those other Christians teaching that are going to hell fires, because they aren’t teaching a true message. But I know that’s not true. There are people teaching wrong messages that will still be taken.

But while it’s not for me to say, what about the majority of Christians that won’t talk about Christ, even if you invite them to? If you were taking a group to rule with you, would you include them? I wouldn’t. I built and ran a business for 20 years. That included hiring, firing, and teaching people to do a job. I hired the ones I thought would reasonably do it.

Like I did in business those in heaven will have to make judgment calls that affect the lives of other individuals. If a person isn’t willing to talk about Christ openly during their lifetime, I doubt that’s the kind of person Christ wants working with him in that important position. And the thing is, no JW is like the Christians I describe above. Most other Christians are exactly like that. So my opinion is you should have more concern about what happens to people in other denominations than for JWs.

Here is another bit of information to support that point. Check out the comments on any channel that speaks against Watchtower, especially comments coming from the comments section. And then think, did any Jehovah’s Witness ever speak against you, although you are a member of another denomination, in that way? I know the answer, and so do you. “By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.” Christ from John 13:35.


Why Are Jehovah’s Witnesses Loyal to Watchtower?

This comment I just posted on Watchtower Examination explains why.

Winston you had the Truth book ( a book designed by WT to convert students). But did you ever read the whole book? The Truth book was designed to convince those who study it with a Witness that every other religious group teaches falsehood, and therefore does not have God’s approval. If the book, and the Witness conducting a study are successful in doing that, then there is only one rational course to take for the student. That course, also the second objective of the book, is to follow God’s one true organization (WT).

When Witnesses use the words ‘the Truth’, they are not describing the noun as it is generally understood. For a Witness ‘the Truth’ means the same as the word Christianity meant in the first century. Or the same as Christianity means to members in other denominations today. JWs call it ‘the Truth’ because they are distinguishing their denomination from all other denominations they consider apostate. The word has nothing to do with whether WT always makes correct statements. The fact WT does not always make correct statements is inconsequential to JWs, because nobody does that on earth today. No business, no religion, no government, no news agency. So the fact WT is wrong at times does not effect JWs.

JWs don’t follow WT because they believe it always speaks ‘the truth’ meaning their statements are always factual. JWs follow WT because they believe statements it makes erroneously are not erroneous by design, telling lies while knowing it’s lying. And like the paragraph above already stated JWs are convinced every other religious group is interpreting scripture so incorrectly that they are instead agents of Satan, used to lead people away from God.

Let’s examine that last sentence. Because Paul did write Satan appears as an agent of light and has his own apostles to lead people away from God. Since we know that’s true, let’s look at WT as if it might be a part of that. You said EX-JW Critical Thinkers JT and Lady Cee are two of the best critical thinkers in the ex-JW community. Are they still Christians? JT certainly knows the Bible well enough, having been an elder, to make the logical choice to follow Christ. So did he? Or did he and his wife leave Christ? If they left then it’s mainly their own fault. But the effect WT had on them is probably a contributing factor for pulling away from God.

Teaching people religious groups have the ability to lead people away from God is what the Truth Book, and other JW study material, is designed to accomplish in students, and to reinforce in JWs. And so WT teaches every other religious group contributes to that, but it does not. That’s what makes JWs follow WT. They are taught there is nowhere else to go except Satan’s world. WT’s hold on them has nothing to do with how many errors it makes. We all make errors. And we all sin. That’s why when you bring up errors WT makes to an active JW they usually will not talk about it. Because everyone makes errors. And JWs are convinced WT, with its errors, is a safer place than the World, even when “the World” shares facts.


Does God Use Only One Organization on Earth Today?

God often used more than one channel of communication at the same time. Most prophets didn’t work with others to spread messages from God. Most of them worked independently.

Prophets were used while the priesthood also communicated his will. And at the same time the Jewish priesthood and prophets were used, Jewish kings existed. God used some of those kings to spread messages to his people.

Even before there were Jewish kings God raised up leaders, known today as judges, to lead his people. Judges communicated God’s will to his people. The time period of judges also overlapped with the Jewish priesthood.

God even occasionally used people who were not Israelites or even proselytes to communicate messages, as in the case of king Nebuchadnezzar. Once Nebuchadnezzar regained sanity he recognized God for who he is. And Nebuchadnezzar’s statement is recorded in the Bible. Though there is no evidence Nebuchadnezzar became a proselyte.

Must God Use Only One Organization Today?

So why did God use these prophets and kings to communicate messages, after establishing the priesthood to facilitate communications with his people? It’s because God uses whoever and whatever he pleases to accomplish whatever he wants. God is not limited by a human’s belief that he must act a certain way, as Watchtower asserts. Watchtower is emphatically stating God always used one organization of people, and so he must continue to do so. But God does whatever he wants. Had he used one organization, that would not make him do the same thing today.

But in fairness to Watchtower, let’s examine its argument more fully. Watchtower bases its argument on Christians being told to get out of Babylon the Great as the end approaches. And Watchtower teaches Babylon the Great is false religion. So let’s give them that. Do those facts prove God is using only one organization today? What about those ideas would prove that? Nothing.

First, in light of what Christ said in the latter half of Matthew chapter 24 and Luke 21:8 Christians will not know when the end is approaching. Second, telling Christians to get out of false religion does not prove all God’s communications today come filtered through one organization. Those facts just don’t prove that. Plus God didn’t work that way in the past. Even though false religions existed in the past.

So, getting back to Watchtower’s argument that Jehovah only used one organization to communicate in the past, therefore he must do that today. Well, that idea is proven incorrect. But does that mean he cannot filter all his communications through one organization today? No. He can do whatever he wants. But it does mean God is unlikely to do that. Making that even more unlikely is the fact God’s written message spread throughout the world. When God communicated in Old Testament days it hadn’t. Since God used multiple channels of communication while his messages were limited to a small geographic area, why wouldn’t he use multiple channels now that those messages are global?

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