Why Won’t Jehovah’s Witnesses Listen to You?

Winston in one of his videos on YouTube’s channel Watchtower Examination stated he believes governing body member Anthony Morris calculated at least 6,000,000 out of the over 8,000,000 Witnesses would not care and still follow him for making an incorrect statement, in an address Anthony Morris gave on the Watchtower TV channel. I don’t think Mr. Morris even calculated a number. Because he already knew the number is so much greater than what Winston said. You see Winston must not fully realize why Jehovah’s Witnesses will not listen to him; or why they will follow Watchtower, even if WT gives wrong information (even about the Bible), and he, Winston, gives them correct information (even about the Bible).

I wrote him:

As a used to be JW, active for over 40 years, I can assure you (Winston) that a lot more than 6,000,000 of the over 8,000,000 will not care what Tony Morris says, even if Tony Morris says things that are incorrect. The real figure of those who don’t care is likely more than 99% of Witnesses. You see almost every Witness I knew over the 40 years of attending meetings in 6 congregations would accept practically anything the GB would put out.

And the ideas individual (JW) members wouldn’t accept, like the GB’s teaching not to engage in higher education, they would, if at all possible, keep to themselves. That is they might only disclose those things to people who were extremely close, those who they believed would not pass that information to anyone else.

Jehovah’s Witnesses are afraid of being turned in for sinning by another JW. Turned in to who? To their congregational elders who the Watchtower obligates to investigate a sin. And not believing the Governing Body to a JW is not following God (sinning). And Jehovah’s Witnesses are afraid of getting kicked out of their organization. To a JW getting kicked out is one of the worst things that could happen to them.

Plus before almost every JW is baptized they are conditioned to accept being a JW is the only way to serve God. So these two things are what gives WT and its leaders their power. First and foremost is the Witness belief becoming a JW is the ONLY way to serve God, and second the Witness fear that way to serve God might be removed by their own action, even if that action is denying any teaching from the governing body.

Notice this recent reply that was directed to me on another site. Pay close attention to the “emphatic” statement the CO (standing for circuit overseer) made:

Highlighted reply Unassigned Vlog 11 hours ago. From the YouTube site Unassigned Vlog:

Yep we had a WT slid across to us in an elders meeting that said the same thing, accept the BS or get the DF. After raising a couple simple questions that poke holes in the FDS being the GB, the CO said, “You will never accept it.” I replied, “Because it isn’t true.” He said emphatically, “It doesn’t matter if its true.” This last statement goes against my very core in becoming a JW. (John 4:23. 24)



That circuit overseer said, “IT DOESN’T MATTER IF IT’S TRUE.” If What’s true? If the GB is what Christ was describing in his “faithful and discreet slave” parable. And the circuit overseer’s statement has been proven true. Watchtower has defined who the FDS is several different ways already. And did it lose followers when changing their opinion? No! They didn’t because of those two reasons I list above. All JWs are conditioned to believe those two things. The only ones that don’t are people who lied and said they did to please parents who expected them to get baptized as a JW. Either they told that lie when they were baptized, or like me they came to believe the Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Jehovah’s Witness organization are not what they claim to be. Oh, there is another group also, those that decide not to serve God.

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