Watchtower Teaches It Can Misinterpret Scripture and Remain Acceptable to God But No One Else Can. Why? Because It Says They Are God’s Only Spokesman

The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses directs elders to disfellowship every baptized Jehovah’s Witness who does not believe teachings of the Watchtower Society, whether those teachings are right or wrong. Even if members believe some of Watchtower’s teaching they will still get disfellowshipped if elders discover they do not believe other ideas taught by Watchtower. Disfellowshipped for a Jehovah’s Witness means Watchtower will order all other Jehovah’s Witnesses to stop having any association with him, not even saying hello. The only exclusion to this Watchtower rule applies to household family members. Circuit overseers were instructed to give that direction to elders as far back as 1980, in a letter given them through Watchtower headquarters. This in spite of the fact Watchtower frequently admits it has misinterpreted the Bible, not once, not twice, but many times.

And Watchtower teaches that all other Christian teachers and Christians are not acceptable to Christ because they teach and believe wrong ideas about what the scriptures say. Watchtower has a double standard. It can teach wrong Bible doctrines, but when any of its baptized members do not accept those wrong beliefs WT tells elders to disfellowship them. WT claims only it can misinterpret scriptures and still be acceptable to God, but no one else can. They are hypocrites. “Woe to you, teachers of the law and Pharisees, you hypocrites! You shut the door of the kingdom of heaven in people’s faces (those you kick out the church, and elders you tell to kick them out). You yourselves do not enter, nor will you let those enter who are trying to,” Matthew 23:13.

Any religion that teaches the end is imminent is working against Christ’s purpose. That includes every Adventist movement. Seventh Day Adventists, and Jehovah’s Witnesses are included. See: also see

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