Isn’t It Time You Moved On?

There are tens of thousands of people online that complain about what WT did to them. And many of those cry online about the emotional and psychological damage that was done to them, by Watchtower. Isn’t it time to move on?

Addressing commenters on other websites is where I get material to develop a lot of the articles I post on this blog. Often I post the exact words that I posted as a commenter on those other websites. And so it is with this article. Below is the final comment I posted after a couple back and forth postings between me and another commenter on another website. She was crying about how Watchtower and Jehovah’s Witnesses misled her, and how hurt she is because now she knows she might have to die, instead of living forever without dying, an idea put in her head by accepting decades of WT teachings. And so my final post to her read:

That might be true of some. But you need to move on and forget about what WT did, at least in a certain way forget about it. I mean don’t hold it as so important. It’s better to value the truth you know now than think WT hurt you, and that was such a bad thing.

You know I was in for 40 years myself, and a servant in three congregations. Still I don’t hold WT as doing some great big bad thing to me. It was because of the work of JWs that I started serving God. None of my grown kids do now. They are all hung up on what WT told them, and how they were misled not to go to college, that the end was near, and other crap. Just to show you how stupid that is I went back to college when I was 49 and got a degree and became a teacher. And I told them to do the same thing, while they were living with me, which they still do. (I didn’t care what WT said about it). Fact is they never really got off their rear ends and they blame WT, when that’s not WT’s fault.

WT is really not to blame for much except apostasy. And that is something it will have to answer for before Christ, not me. There are only two things to do about it. You can be like those first century Christians who started following Christ, despite most of them coming from apostate religions, or you can feel hurt because of your experience in your ex-religion and sulk in the hurt feelings. Or a third thing you can leave God. I suggest the first course.

Most every ex JW site is primarily made up of people throwing pity parties about being a JW or what WT does and did. I don’t see God has any use for that. Rather than thinking about what WT told you I suggest contemplating your relationship with God. If you know more about God than WT taught you, I believe you would. But many here, I doubt if they do. Not knowing what you know I suggest getting to know God better. You might start by getting to know who Christ really saves, not who WT taught you is saved.

You should know this. God still cares deeply about you. I know that for sure. He still contacts people. I know because he contacted me during the most difficult time of my life. Yes miraculously, just like in your Bible stories. Here read this, it will debunk the false teachings that God stopped contacting some of his servants. I wrote the article, and I know it’s true from personal experience. But my experience harmonizes with scripture. Check those scriptures out:

Christ said most of the people followed him, when he was on earth, because of the miracles he did, not because of who he was or what he taught. They followed because they thought they could see a miracle or get some other benefit from being in his presence. That’s what he meant when he said “you followed me because you ate” (the bread and fishes). Their eating was miraculous, because he did a miracle for them to eat. I’m not aware of any scripture that claims even one person stood up and said not to kill him when he was crucified. But we don’t have to be like them. We don’t have to be self-centered. We can actually know God. So who cares what WT did and is doing when we can know God. Let Christ deal with them. Move on.

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